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Early years/Missing Links
I was about fifteen when I joined my first "Rock" band, The Missing Links. We were basically a rhythm and blues band covering everything from Chuck Berry to the Rolling Stones. The music was louder, brasher and to use an expression of the era - "cool". Looking back at the photos I can categorically say that we weren't dedicated followers of fashion but once on stage we certainly knew how to get a crowd going. The Missing Links allowed me to express myself and probably helped me as a musician to break out of the normal boundaries.

The band were:
Guitarist: Barry Morris
Bass Guitar: Andy Scott
Drummer: Stuart Fraser
Vocalist: Pete Barker
Guitarist :Derek Williams

We were managed by a guy called Tony who is in the black collar-less suit in the centre of the photo below. I was only in the band for about 6 months before I moved on to the Silverstone Set.

Andy 15 years oldLiveThe band !
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